Joint Message from Chairman & President (Casio)


Continuing to deliver new possibilities with products that surpass expectations

We believe that people have limitless potential, thinking and engaging in highly intellectual and creative activities based on knowledge gained by observing, sensing, and learning. Through this process, humanity has kept exploring new fields and areas of science and culture, making progress in leaps and bounds.

Inventions such as calculators, watches, electronic musical instruments, electronic dictionaries, and digital cameras have made it easy for anyone to use information such as numbers, language, time, and music in everyday life. At Casio, we see it as our mission to invent new products that support human intellectual and creative activities, which will, in turn, drive social progress around the world.

In our view, there are countless products in our world just waiting to be invented, each of which would fill a real need. Casio’s job is to create the products of tomorrow that will one day be everywhere, that will make everyone wonder, “How did we ever do without that before?” That is why we value out-of-the-box creativity above all in our product development, or what we call going from “0” to “1.”

We try to invent products that bring all new joys to users—delights that they have never experienced before. Our expectation is that each Casio product should open up a whole new world for the user, from the moment they first pick it up. By developing innovative products like these, Casio also aims to build new user communities and pioneer new markets. We will keep working to develop products that further expand possibilities for our users, aiming to make a positive, long-term social impact.

In short, we are determined to keep providing the kind of products that only Casio can create—products which surpass everyone’s expectations, even surprising all the Casio fans who already know to expect great things from us. By endlessly applying “Creativity and Contribution,” Casio promises to keep growing and delivering new value to the world.

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