Terms & Warranty Claim Policy of Casio Watches

  1. Casio service warranty claim only from purchasing centre.
  2. Exchange within 3-days of purchase date.
  3. Please provide all accessories with original receipt for claim.
  4. Product must be in original packing and not damaged or used.
  5. No warranty of color watches.
  6. No warranty claim of chain / bracelet & strap broken or damage.


The customer shall NOT have any claim under this warranty for repair or adjustment expenses if:

  1. The problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment;
  2. The problem is caused by a fire or other natural calamity;
  3. The problem is caused by improper repair or adjustment made by any one other than a CASIO Service Centre;
  4. The case, glass, battery or brand (in the case of a wristwatch) is damaged or worn;
  5. The proof of purchase is not presented when requesting service; or
  6. The warranty period has expired.
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